I'm an artist, creative and mother on a mission to help you make more radical choices.

To see the world from a new perspective. To fill your world with colour.

I believe creativity is a beautiful thing – it’s a vehicle to uplift, connect and change the world. It’s certainly played a major role in my story, which started with a love for art as a youngster. 

My parents sent me to a progressive art school where I absolutely flourished, but then the ‘real world’ came knocking and from ages 14 to 37 I didn’t pick up a paintbrush. 

Instead, I studied anthropology which inspired me to travel the world while dabbling in investment banking, telecommunications and every industry but the arts.

Once I was back on home soil, I couldn’t shake the creative itch, so I launched an art workshop in Tauranga, New Zealand. 



Empowering adults and kids through art was amazing, but once my two daughters came along, I knew I wanted to be able to make a living from home.

I brushed up on my skills, taught myself how to make art and set up a home studio.

Since then I’ve launched a podcast, developed a sustainable fashion label (AR – C) and commissioned bespoke works of art for collectors all over the world.

I learned how to market myself. I took every opportunity possible to indulge the analytical side of my brain by mastering the world of digital strategy, and today I help entrepreneurs of all sizes (especially personal brands – those creative humans who are the face of their business) to build their profile and attract their dream clients through value-driven content.

Whether it’s coaching entrepreneurs or unveiling a fresh piece of art, I get a massive kick out of helping my clients embrace creativity. Because colour breathes energy into life, right?

Amy x


Art is for everyone. 

Whether it’s adorning your walls or hugging your body. 

Everyone should be able to own a piece of quality art to treasure. That’s why my prices start at $23.


I’m usually in a state of flow, painting from start to finish so you get the full intensity of the painting’s mood and message without interruption.

 I use the Action painting technique painting spontaneously, which creates a sense of movement and evokes emotion. 

This results in bold gestural narratives in my work.


My art is found in private collections across the world.


Joy, bravery and self-expression are the themes I portray in my work.

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