Interstellar Retreat 2020

This is your opportunity to become the most empowered entrepreneur you can be.

Become the most confident and successful entrepreneur you can be. Interstellar is an international workshop – think Ted talk meets business conference meets wellness retreat. Held three times per year, with the first event scheduled for Tokyo in April 2020, this three-day event is your exclusive invitation to learn from the best of the best, surrounded by like minded people in a stunning location.

Simply get yourself to the destination and sort your accommodation (we can recommend a list of amazing options nearby), and we’ll take care of the rest.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Dates: April 21st – 23rd, 2020 

To avoid disappointment, secure your early bird ticket here.


Over the course of  three days, expert speakers will teach you how to boost your strategic prowess, engage with your target audience and deliver powerful and authentic content that not only ‘sells’ in a commercial sense but sells the mission and messages your audience needs to hear.


Each day we’ll explore a different theme and sharpen a new set of skills that are relevant in all areas in life (not just business), because sustainable success – whatever that may look like to you – is always the end goal right?

Built from a movement of people stepping into their power to live a life they love, Interstellar offers a relaxed, experiential and holistic approach to learning. You’re not sitting in a conference room all day. Instead you’re treated to sunrise yoga, delicious cuisine, hands-on training opportunities and lots of quality time with family or new friends.

That’s right, this event is 100 percent family friendly (not to mention tax deductible, which is always nice!), so bring your partner and the kids to seamlessly continue business with leisure. There will be activities to keep the little ones busy throughout the day, and a daily schedule that allows for earlier knock-off times and plenty of breaks between sessions.

The added bonus? You’ll be surrounded by other creatives. Think of this as your own content trip where you can draw on the experience of guest experts (from photographers, videographers and makeup artists to writers and other inspiring humans) to create lots of beautiful content for the year ahead.


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