You deserve the business of your dreams.

I help brands like yours reach their dream clients.

From breakfast meet ups to grow your network or monthly content marketing services, there are different ways to get the support you need based on where you are in your journey as an entrepreneur.

You need more than a one-size-fits-all strategy to grow. 

In my previous experiences in networking groups and masterminds, they lumped everyone of all stages of business development in the same groups.

Sometimes I was bored. Sometimes I was overwhelmed.  

You will benefit far more from being surrounded by people who are at your level, so I’ve crafted groups and services to suit.


If you’re just starting out, or looking to meet like-minded people in your area my Shockwave Members Club is a great way to find your feet and start to grow your network. Meeting people in real life is back!

If you’ve been around the block but need to recharge and refocus, the Interstellar Retreat is for you. Limited to 15 people max. (I see you introverts 😉 )

If you’d like year-round personalised support and a tight support crew to cheer you on,  join us in my Luminary Mastermind. Limited to 100 people max.

If you need content marketing taken off your plate – my agency, Supernova Media will execute your strategies giving you more time for working on your business.

Whatever you choose, don’t go it alone.

We have got you. 

Through good times and bad (we do #realtalk). 

We deeply understand you.

Often there’s someone who has been right where you are and can steer you through it.

It’s not easy forging your own path, but it’s smart to leverage knowledge, people and systems to accelerate your journey.

Let yourself be seen, known, loved and supported.

We’re here and you’re safe.

Let’s go!

Amy x


Ready to outsource your content marketing? My team of experts can help. You'll free up hours of your time so you can grow your business.


Year-long support and live events to help you level up. Includes a dedicated marketing VA to help you implement your content strategy.


Get away and get ahead. Three-day business retreats designed for busy entrepreneurs and their families. Think Ted talks meets wellness retreat.


Quarterly Breakfast meet-ups with guest experts. Grow your network authentically. Find your humans!
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